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The beginning of Kolpa traced back to band members' high school times in their hometown Adana (a Mediterranean south coast city of Turkey). However Baris Yurtcu and Bora Yeter got together in January 2005 to name the band. Since 2005 they have been performing in various popular rock clubs in Istanbul which made them to gain their current local reputation. Kolpa got on stage in more than 70 festivals, and performed in clubs and venues over 500 times.

First album "Hayat Senin" (2009) was produced by Matthew Erdem and published by Mucize Isler, a sub label of turkish major production company Pasaj Muzik. After the music videos of "Sayende" and "Kosa Kosa" established, Samuray Gokce (drums) joined the band, and the band found its current line-up.

Second album "Maximum" (2010) was produced by Kolpa and published by Pasaj Muzik. This album included 5 favourite cover songs which Kolpa had been performing on the performances. After the music videos of "Kadinim" and "Boyle Ayrilik Olmaz" established, Kolpa started to work on their 3rd studio album.

Third album "Yatagin Soguk Tarafi" (2012) was produced by Haluk Kurosman and published by Pasaj Muzik. 'Yatagin Soguk Tarafi', 'Son Nefesim' and 'Beni Aska İnandir' were the popular songs


Today the very new EP of the band "Maximum" (2010) is established in Turkey by Pasaj Muzik. The music videos of Maximum's first double singles "Boyle Ayrilik Olmaz" and "Kadinim" are directed by well known Turkish-Iranian director Emir Khalilzadeh.

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